Datnex Reviews

Datnex is an impartial list broker providing guaranteed business and consumer data lists with expert advice.

"Received detailed data that will be helpful with marketing campaigns. Their was a small error in receiving the data but was resolved quickly. Would recommend more detailed instruction for monthly data suppression files where you have to remove some of the data. Overall, good company and will use again.

Monarch Inc.

"Datnex promised us a certain success rate on our data we had ordered and after calculating bounce backs they were absolutely spot on! Our main contact has ben Sam Curran and he has been amazing to work with!"

Extenso Co.

"Maxfield has been supporting myself and our team members with securing data for a various number of campaigns. Andy is always responsive and transparent which is what we want. The data was good quality and the process was very easy."



Easy and efficient

Sam was great to speak with,explained everything clearly to me and managed to filter down to everything we were looking for. Thanks Sam

“Helped extend our reach”

Todd was a pleasure to work with, he was very responsive and did a great job of meeting our needs and offering us support afterwards. They have been on the market for so long and we have chosen them to expand our trading business in the UK and Europe. You are a reliable partner for our sales and marketing.

“They deliver as promised”

We needed some marketing material from Datnex and I dealt with Sam Curran a lot, he was great with his service and efficiency and we have had no problems with Datnex themselves nor with the marketing material provided. I would 100% use Datnex again and recommend their services!


Frequently Asked Questions

What is B2B database?

B2B list building involves creating a list of contacts whom you can reach out to and nurture as leads.

If you’re admiring what is the differences between B2B prospect lists and B2B marketing lists, the answer is that they both are exactly the same.

Is the Data GDPR Compliant?

Yes, the data is GDPR compliant. However, when it comes to you using the database, GDPR warrants/requires you to campaign these contacts in order to opt them in specifically for your company. And only the ones who agree are marketable by you. You can carry out the campaigns to only the contacts that accept your permission to contact them electronically.
We have 100% Opt-in consent from APAC region.

What if data goes wrong?

We guarantee 100% on the accuracy of the data, 90% and above on email deliverability, 95% and above on phone accuracy. Failing which we will provide replacement for all bad/invalid contacts in 48 business hours or contact credit for different criteria

We had bad experience with our previous data vendor?

We don’t compare ourself with other vendors because of our business model, But we call ourselves a Custom data compilers rather than a list vendor.

We never sell data which is expired/old more than 45days. But there will be a team assigned to your project who will manually verify and complie each of the records and field in the database. We guarantee the quality of our data and 90% of our business comes from repeat customers so you can count on the quality of the data.

How often your data is updated?

We offer the exceptional data of verified contact list to ensure that data quality and data accuracy is maintained. Our Verification Process includes the HLR lookup and MX Record Verification which makes us standalone from the competitors. And our Master Database is updated every 90 days, we ensure our Direct Dial list are clean and bind with “Do not disturb” rules and regulation from TRAI and Email for deliverability and validity. We make sure that our clients get authenticated data with the every possible business information.

How is the data sourced or collected?

Best data Provider constantly gather the business Information, manages the In-house data from different sources like

  • User group communities
  • Product/technology specific user conferences and trade shows.
  • Magazine subscriptions/Online surveys
  • B2B portals/Technology specific job portals and postings.
  • Job specifications and areas of expertise in the current job role in LinkedIn profile description.

Once it is collected it is then run through our call centers to verify that if they are using that particular technology and if not their names will be eliminated from the collected database. 

Are the contacts Opt-in/Can they be used for email marketing?

Yes, the list we provide have opt-in contacts for all regions to receive third party promotional emails. 

Except for the European region, where we will not be providing email address and phone number. 

What is the response rate we can expect from your database?

There are many metrics which can determine the response rate in marketing.

  • The product/services being sold or offered.
  • The Creative Content, Emails content with creative images.
  • Telesales Presentation over the Telephone, and timespan, when communicative messages have been stated.

Some campaign may give higher response with all above the factors; some might get least response when there is a glitch in any of the factor.