Email Verification & List Cleaning Services

Validate your data, increase your ROI, and market to the right audience.

Email marketing is one of the most effective and enduring messaging channels. Using email campaigns in a B2B environment can make or break your brand – a fact 93% of B2B marketers know who use email as their platform of choice for content distribution.

ROI is the only key indicator that replaces others. Email roughly generates about $29 for every 80 cents spent – if processed and executed properly. An area that, unsurprisingly, most companies struggle with is ensuring the validity of the data they use to distribute their email campaigns. Checking your email and cleaning your email list are some of the most effective and inexpensive ways to maintain and even improve the quality of your records. It makes sense for a business to have a deeper understanding of its products and services and how to get the right message across to its audience. But is that the right audience? And if so, are these audiences actually getting your content in the mail, or are they embarrassed by their inbox for late dates?

Data maintenance is endless and needs to be prioritized. There is no shortage of data providers, making data sources more productive. Data degradation is the fastest growing obstacle to effective email marketing, and businesses need to pay more attention to maintaining their records. But how? By maintaining data quality by checking email and deleting email lists.

What is our Email Verification Service all about?

Our email verification service is designed to retrieve your current record and verify the email information it contains – removing expired and invalid email addresses. Deleting email lists ensures higher data quality; You can run email campaigns more successfully with a higher return on investment by sending your campaigns and bids to an audience that is current, compatible, and most importantly, relevant.

Many companies are not aware of the damaging effects of outdated and unaudited data. Your IP address can be blacklisted if your bounce rate is above a certain percentage – which is almost a guarantee if you advertise on an unverified list. The effect is far more damaging than “just” poor retention rates or high dropout rates. IP reputation is built by identifying the type of traffic generated from your IP address. If you typically send email campaigns to invalid lists that result in high abandonment rates, your IP reputation and brand reputation are at risk. This can cause your email to be automatically forwarded to the spam mailbox or not delivered at all.

Using an email verification service safeguards your IP reputation and marks you as a responsible sender, ensuring the path to your prospect’s inbox is unobstructed.

Benefits of our Email List Cleaning Service..

Our email list cleaning service is a fast and affordable cleaning tool that ensures your email marketing campaign is delivered to prospects as smoothly as possible. Email marketing lists are constantly changing as people update their email addresses while some (sometimes intentionally) misspelt themselves. Over time, these invalid email addresses can hinder your efforts. By taking action by checking email and list cleaning services, you protect yourself from damaging your IP reputation and help keep your marketing costs down by avoiding having to acquire new contact addresses. Additionally, you avoid the potential demoralizing effect that poorly stored data can have on your sales team.

Removing invalid email addresses prevents unnecessary transmissions and helps protect your status. Our email verification service will remove email addresses that return an invalid status, increasing the relevance and effectiveness of your campaigns.

Email confirmations also have the associated benefit of protecting data you may not have had access to before. Phone numbers are often out of date and need to be verified manually. Our email list cleaning service offers a handy way to get around this by updating these contact email addresses with a confirmation that gives you access to their inbox. Switching from cold calling to email marketing is a much more structured way to increase sales, with more opportunities to nurture leads at every stage. This is the fastest way to clean up large amounts of data at a much lower cost.

How our email verification service works to develop Your Customer Data

We validate your email marketing list and may add some fields to your existing records. You can use this data to segment your lists, customize your email marketing campaigns, and ultimately increase your conversion rates. The more you know about your prospects and customers, the more you can provide them with the best email content that is even more specific to their needs.

We can append the below fields to any email marketing list, which opens up new avenues, allows you to gain unparalleled insights and of course tailor your campaigns more efficiently.


Datnex can help verify your email marketing lists by:

  • Highlights the status of an email address that we determine as valid and safe to send email, typically with a low bounce rate <2%.

  • Indicates if your IP address has been blacklisted when it doesn’t belong to us and if the recipient will only receive email from senders in their contact list.

  • Analyze SMTP bounce code to determine why your email may not reach your target audience.

  • Find aliases for addresses where emails are redirected to various other inboxes to get a better idea of ​​email addresses.

  • Once we determine whether a valid Gmail address starts with “.”, we remove it to make it compatible with all email systems.

  • Detect invalid email data to remove from your marketing list – including:

  1. invalid email addresses
  2. those that do not accept mail and only send
  3. addresses that fail RFC syntax protocols
  4. misspelled domains
  5. mailbox not found errors
  6. no DNS entries or records
  7. mailboxes that have reached their quota
  8. unrouteable IP addresses
  9. SpamTrap email confirmation
  10. abuse or complaint marked addresses
  11. those marked as ‘Do Not Mail’
  12. global suppression ‘Do Not Mail’ emails
  13. role-based emails belonging to a group of people as opposed to one person
  14. temporary and disposable emails
  15. toxic ‘Do Not Mail’ emails known for abuse, spam, or automated emails
  16. anti-spam systems where the validation result returns as ‘unknown’
  17. failed SMTP connection emails
  18. failed server emails
  19. mail server non-responses and temporary error emails
  20. exceeded timeout errors

You can access more data than a regular email address, e.g. B. gender of the user if using a free email service such as Gmail, domain if using hosted email, SMTP provider, and MX records (validation and identification).

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