Data Privacy & Security

California Consumer Privacy Act 

The CCPA gives California users strong rights to the confidentiality and control of their personal information, including the right to view it, the right to have it deleted, and the right to refuse to sell personal information the company collects, as well as additional protection for minors.


Datnex data privacy policy

These data protection guidelines cover and frame DatNex collection, use, review and compilation of data. It is used to market DatNex’s products and services as well as to meet customer data requirements. The policy applies to postal addresses, email addresses, telephone numbers and online channels / sites, including visitors to the DatNex website. However, these policies do not apply to the practices / actions of third parties. As a marketing company, DatNex provides marketing / advertising services to customers to help them reach their target market, both individuals and companies.

DatNex does not collect, store or use sensitive information such as social security numbers, EIN numbers, credit card numbers, bank details or biometric data. We have corporate data security assessments and guidelines to ensure data security and meet our customers’ security standards and requirements. DatNex only collects business information. We do not deal with user data. The information gathered about the business is essential for our business customers to make important decisions and improve their marketing strategies to keep up with new perspectives. The global database contains information that can be classified as “personal information” according to various regulations. For example, information relating to individuals, sole proprietorships, partnerships, directors, chairmen, owners, administrators or professional contractors.) This privacy policy collects and describes how we collect, share and protect B2B information. Our compliance team is constantly working to comply with all new data protection laws and regulations and forward and notify any information we hold about data subjects. This notice also applies to the DatNex website:

Data related services

DatNex offers its customers a variety of data-driven marketing services to deal with them specifically. This includes – business contact information, mailing addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses, demographics, analytics and intentions, technology, personalized criteria, including ID (personal information). This includes data from a variety of sources such as publicly available sources, our data collection team, researchers and compilers, as well as the special artificial intelligence tools we use to collect available data, as well as our data review procedures. The data we provide to our customers and partners includes name, position, email address, telephone, physical business address, website, industry, SIC code, sales, employee size and technology. In most cases, it is used to clean and improve our customers’ internal data. Transaction data with credit cards and bank information are not recorded, shared, stored, stored or processed by DatNex.

Data usage & sharing

DatNex licenses the information collected to businesses. The information is vastly the business information shared to other business for their B2B marketing initiatives and prospecting. This information is used by businesses purely for marketing purpose and their in-house data management activities. DatNex may use professional business contact information to match it with other public and private sources. This is to create anonymous segments of information (this is non-personally identifying information, such as demographic, behavioral and technographics, extracted from the underlying Data). Such segments do not contain or reveal the PII (Personally Identifiable Information).

Personal information collected in marketing activities and how we use them:

Personal information may be collected in the following events: – marketing campaigns, webinars, conference exhibitions, online trainings and tutorials, when a user downloads a resource/white papers, on clicking the landing pages and similar events.

1. Helping marketers target, optimize and deliver their email campaigns, social marketing.
2. Creating data segments based on common interests, technographics, marketing research
3. Help businesses target other businesses for their products/services.
4. Send customized campaigns to both our prospects as well as client’s prospects with the legitimate interest.

Data Security

DatNex guarantees the security of the data we have, store, store and transmit. This is achieved through a variety of physical, electronic / computer security tools, firewalls, encryption, data hashing, and PII access control. However, it is impossible to guarantee a 100% guarantee from us or any other platform against hacking or illegal intrusion. Therefore, this privacy policy does not guarantee this unfortunate possibility. Once we receive information from a customer / potential customer, we will ensure their confidentiality and security is in accordance with the latest and highest security standards.

In short here are some of the ways we ensure Data Security:

– Limited and Controlled access to the Information
– Security Firewalls
– SIEM deployed across all devices
– Data Encryption/ MD5 Encryption and Data Hashing Procedures
– EndPoint Security and Data Backup and Recovery Software
– Top Anti-Malware, Anti-Virus, Anti-phishing technologies deployed
– Web Security, SSL Certification
– Conducting background checks of the employees
– Periodic Data Security Trainings to all employees and a Data Security Module in all New Employee Trainings
– Continuous reviewing and assessment of Data Security Policy, Data Privacy and Information Management.

Privacy Statement update: July 2020
Privacy Statement Changes: Any changes made to DatNex privacy policy will be posted on this page directly. Wherever applicable it will also be notified to data subjects via email.
For any questions concerning the Data Privacy Policy please email us at: