Data Cleansing services

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Cleanse your data lists, increase your ROI

Your database

Your database of customers and prospects is perhaps the most valuable asset a business has. Consistent, relevant, and timely communication with your customers and prospects is the key to increasing your sales. However, if your database is outdated, it has no value. Every day your sales and marketing teams use data, that is wasting money. You also run the risk of failing compliance with GDPR and data regulation which could lead to hefty fines.

Protect your assets

Cleansing business data allows you to stay in touch with your customers, reconnect with broken relationships, increase sales, up-sell, and even help you find new customers by profiling your existing data and creating appropriate identified leads. This will fill gaps in your business database and greatly increase your CRM usage.

Free data audit

This easy-to-understand report summarizes the status of your database with important information such as:

  • Incorrect phone numbers

  • Duplicate records, gone-away records, expired records

  • Missing information

  • New contacts available

  • Available enhancements such as phone numbers, email addresses, postal addresses

data cleansing

Avoid a hefty fine…

Keep your database in good & clean condition with Datnex’s data cleaning service; Improve campaign response, reduce losses, avoid complaints and ensure legal compliance. No company can do without it. Our free data audit makes this process easy. A Data Audit is a simple, jargon-free report that tells you what your data contains and how much it costs to make it zero and law compliant. This cost is always much lower than the time and money it takes to market a bad database.

Our experts can help you build your data list or offer rental of business email addresses.